Longboard Waves Soul Surfer '37 Bamboo Collection

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Surf the streets

Waves Soul Surfer 37 – created for intuitive carving, surf inspired moves, pumping, cruising with style. Lively and sensitive to your moves, this board will add some adventures to your everyday commuting.




This board has it’s own character. It’s flexible and maneuverable, makes you want to move more actively, using your upper body, your shoulders. This is how you can create your own style, work on your stance. When you are riding these board, you can really feel how each and every movement affects you ride.

Functional design

This board is cambered. This means, that the deck is slightly curved upwards in a smooth arc. When you step on it, it bends a little under your weight. When you ride it, initiate some turns, this cambered profile intensifies your efforts. And you get a nice feeling, which reminds you surfing and snowboarding.


This decks is quite flexible, but not too much. We tested many samples of different flex, until decided to choose this one. It's perfect.

Materials and construction

Carbonised bamboo, natural bamboo and 2 layers of Canadian maple. Special epoxy glue, created for European climate. Our decks never twist or warp at winter time.