Longboard Waves Sky Walker '43 Bamboo Collection

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Walk in the sky

Waves Sky Walker V2 is modern mini-dancer, fully capable for advanced dancing and the most difficult tricks. At the same time, it’s not too big and not too heavy for cruising and commuting, carving down the hill and sliding



We had the idea of creating the perfect mini dancer for many years. Because this is one of our favorite type of boards. Board which has enough space for double crossteping, huge kicktails for advanced tricks, a perfect wheelbase, nice rocker and concave. But does not demand a wide open space for riding it, so you can ride it anywhere.

Functional design


This bord combines rocker with slightly significant micro-drop, which you cannot see on the photo, but believe me, it’s there. This makes it lower to the ground. The concave of this deck is very convenient for performing the dance moves and landing tricks. The  foot platform is not very long, but very effective. The grip tape is perfect for dancing, not much in the middle, but quite enough for drifts and speed checks.


This deck is stiff enough for landing the tricks, but you can fell some flex when you are dancing.

Materials and construction

Vertically laminated bamboo veneers reinforced with triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin, create a light, durable, and poppy platform. This deck does not lose the stiffness properties and remains tough, like a new one, for quite a long time.