Longboard Waves Powder Day '38 Bamboo Collection

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Find your path with the Powder Day 

Powder Day – it’s when there is some fresh snow in the mountains, and you are riding the powder all day with your friends. This is exactly what we felt when we were testing the prototypes of this deck, and this is how we called it.

Agile and responsive, with a right amount of camber, this board is designed for intuitive carving, when you just carve a hill, making either smooth or sharp turns, imitating snowboarding or surf moves. 


Functional design 

Drop thru construction makes it lower to the ground, increases stability, makes sliding and pushing easier

Mild camber makes the board versatile, maneuverable, sensitive to your moves, brings tons of fun into you carving

Big wheel flares allow to set up the board with big or even giant soft wheels, to feel as if you are riding the powder, no matter how good is the pavement.

 The foot platforms is big enough for dancing, and dancing on this board is really special, it makes your dance more dynamic, then dancing on rockered boards. You should try this !

Light Freeriding

 If you are learning how to slide, on a moderate speed, it would be really fun to learn this on the Powder Day. Despite this is not the right board for aggressive freeriding, sliding this board is a lot of fun. You can learn your first coleman slide, stan up speed checks, 180s. We did not create this board for freeriding, but we like to slide on Powder Day a lot.


The combination of carbonized bamboo, natural bamboo and two layers of Canadian maple, along with a cambered construction, create a perfect lively flex, which is great for carving, cruising, pumping, dancing, commuting.

Inspired by snowboarding 

Would you like to learn how to snowboard ? You can start even now. Just grab this board and learn how to carve. This will make you winter progress much easier.