Longboard Waves Joyrider Pro 42 Street Art Collection

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Joyrider Pro – freestyle, dancing, cruising.

If you are looking for a responsive and maneuverable longboard to cruise around town, carve some hills, dance and learn some new tricks, Joyrider 42 may become your favorite board.


This deck provides enough space for dancing, but still it’s compact and lightweight. The great option for those, who want to combine the dancing moves with learning the new tricks

Functional design

Symmetrical shape with mild rocker and radial concave provide a comfortable and versatile platform for dancing and freestyle. Kick tales generate powerful pop. Mild flex makes the board more playful and responsive. Micro drops help to lock your feet on board.


It’s quite responsive when you are carving, cruising, dancing. But if you take a wide stance, using the foot pockets, it’s feels stiff enough for sliding at a moderate speed. Mild flex of this deck provides a dynamic and forgiving ride and vibration damping.

Materials and construction

Vertically laminated bamboo veneers reinforced with triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin, create a light, durable, and poppy platform.

Joyrider 42 PRO - this multi-functional deck combines great opportunities to progress in our favorite dimensions of longboarding - freestyle, dance and freeride.