Longboard Waves Joyrider '39 Tattoo Collection

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Reach for the sky

Joyrider 39` - lightweight versatile and functional longboard, created to bring some fun into your cruising and commuting. Responsive and maneuverable, low to the ground and with the right amount of flex, this is the great board for introduction to longboarding and fast progress in many styles of riding, especially in the freestyle.

 Good option for riders with smaller feet – girls and teenagers.



Cruise the city on a flexible, responsive board, carve the hills, control the speed by sliding, jump on and off the curbs, do some tricks and dance – everything is possible on Joyrider 39`.

Functional design

This deck combines rocker, micro-drop and radial concave, creating very convenient platform for your feet. It’s low to the ground, what makes the pushing and sliding easier. Comfortable foot pockets will keep your feet in a right, providing descent support while sliding. Powerful kick tails and light weight of the deck allow to learn the most advanced tricks – this deck is a freestyle monster.  


It’s quite responsive when you are carving and cruising. But if you take a wide stance, using the foot pockets, it’s feels stiff enough for sliding on a moderate speed.

Materials and construction


This deck combines two layers of carbonized bamboo, two layers of Canadian maple and vertical laminated natural bamboo core. This creates a strong and lightweight structure and provides a dynamic and forgiving ride and vibration damping. Bamboo boards are special!