Longboard Waves Blade Runner 40 Tattoo Collection

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No Limits

Blade Runner 40 V2 is an agile, do-it-all board that’s ready to skate any style or terrain, with great potential for freeride and freestyle. You can ride at higher speeds, throw long slides and advanced tricks. At the same time, it’s lightweight and maneuverable enough for cruising around. You may enjoy dancing on this board.



This board is perfect for riders, who want to achieve some progress in freestyle and freeride. It’s quite easy to learn a new tricks on this board. When it comes to freeride, slides are controlled and predictable. The shape of the deck is thought out to the smallest detail, tested by our best team-riders and improved many times.

Functional design

If you take a look at this deck in a daylight, you will see the perfect freeride shape with rocker, micro+drop, W-concave, 3D wheels flares. If you step on this deck you will feel very convenient pockets for your feet, which will hold your feet in the right place when you are sliding.


All the lines which create this shape are light and elegant. It’s enough for aggressive freeride, but it does not interfere with landing the tricks, carving, cruising, crossteping. We really like to dance on this board, and really appreciate the concave of this deck for performing certain dance moves.


This deck is stiff, but not too heavy. It’s stiff enough to feel confident on a higher speed. But  still it's agile, easy to pop up, dynamic.

Materials and construction

The vertical laminated natural bamboo core, sandwiched between layers of carbonized bamboo and fiberglass create a strong and lightweight structure. This provides a more dynamic and forgiving ride and vibration damping. Bamboo boards are special !