Cruiser Waves Spunky '32 Street Art Collection

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Above and Beyond 

Waves Spunky 32 – lightweight agile and multi - functional cruiser. Created for carving and commuting, it has exceeded all our expectations with its capabilities for tricks, high ollies and light freeriding. Also available on surf trucks.


This board with cruiser dimensions provides enough space for wide stance and stability on higher speeds. This allows some deep turns, sharp moves, stand-up slides. Great option for tall riders with bigger feet, who want to feel safe riding a cruiser. And for all, who want to shred the city on a relatively small board.

Functional design

Rocker, concave and 3D wheels flares create very comfortable pockets for your feet. And you have 2 pockets for your back feet, just in case you want to keep it on tail. This provides a lot of confidence on a higher speed. Your feet are not going to slide off the board. You can throw a long stand-up toe-side slides, with full control.

Powerful kicktail allows the highest ollies, jump on and off the curbs, do the most advanced skateboard tricks.


This deck is stiff, but not too heavy. It’s lively and maneuverable, good for tricks.


We tried it on 150 mm street trucks, 150 mm RKP trucks, and surf trucks. And every time we had a lot of fun. On the streets, in the pool, at skatepark. 

The standard setup is 150mm street trucks and 62mm Cutback wheels. 

Charged with positive vibes it turns cruising down the city in to the wild adventures