Cruiser Waves Bambino '29 Surf Collection

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Wider shape for more confidence

Bambino 29  - the stylish old school cruiser with functional kicktail and slightly wider shape. It’s lightweight and compact, but allows to take a wider stance, which increases stability and control.

This board is great for riders with bigger feet or anyone looking for a little more confidence out of their cruiser board.




This board is great for cruising and commuting. But if you need to carve down the hill, control your speed with pre-drifts, jump on the curb or do some tricks – everything is possible, this board is fully functional. Try to ride this board in a pool, and you will love this shape and concave.


We recommend this board on a 129 mm street trucks, soft and wide Waves Cutback wheels and BEASTIE BALLS bearings. This is perfect setup for this board.


This deck is stiff, but not too heavy. It’s lively and manueverable, good for tricks.

Bali adventures

We were surprised, how good this board is, when we were testing the first prototypes of this board in a pool on Bali. This was amazing. With a 7 degree angled risers it feels like riding a wave.