Cruiser Waves Bambino '27 Surf Collection

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Size doesn’t matter


Bambino 27 – a small and lightweight cruiser for snappy turns and surf inspired moves. Created to add some adventures in to your commuting, this board is perfect for cruising around town. It's a great option as your first cruiser.




This board is versatile and maneuverable, you may carve any line you want, even on the narrowest streets. Brings a lot of fun to your everyday life.

Functional design

Mild concave and fully functional kick tail, create all capabilities for carving, cruising, jumping on the curbs. Two layers of carbonized bamboo and five layers of maple and highest quality anti-warp epoxy glue create a strong and durable platform, which lasts for years.

Occasionally we dropped this board in to a pool full of water, and it was under the water for few days. This did not affect the deck, we are still riding it.


This deck is stiff, but not too heavy. It’s lively and maneuverable, good for tricks.


We recommend this board on a 129 mm street trucks, soft and wide Waves Cutback wheels and BEASTIE BALLS bearings. This is perfect setup for this board.